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Fine Tune Your Agent Marketing

21 Dec
December 21, 2015

Episode 24 Featured Guest: Chris Carbone – Rainbow International (New Jersey) Summary: Not all efforts are created equal when it comes to marketing to insurance agents. Top tier cleaning and restoration companies execute strong marketing strategies when it comes to insurance professionals. Listen to restoration expert Chris Carbone discuss simple best practices that every restoration […]

The Mold Sensitized Movement

27 May
May 27, 2015

Episode 23 Featured Guest: Michael Pinto – Wonder Makers Environmental (Kalamazoo, MI) Summary: The next level of mold remediation is here. Michael Pinto of Wonder Makers Environmental is leading the charge. This interview scratches the surface on the topic of Mold Sensitized. Find out firsthand what new opportunities are emerging in the cleaning and restoration […]

Growth Strategies for Your Restoration Company

06 May
May 6, 2015

Episode 22 Featured Guest: Jack Dennison – The Restoration Entrepreneur (Pueblo, CO) Summary: Growing your restoration company is possible! The Restoration Nation welcomes industry consultant Jack Dennison. He provides a high-level strategic and motivational overview on how to get on the path to growth. The advice offered here will help sharpen your focus and encourage […]

8 Steps + 5 Core Competencies = Successful Hires

22 Apr
April 22, 2015

Episode 21 Featured Guest: Gary Wilbers – Ascend Business Strategies (Jefferson City, MO) Summary: “Slow to hire and quick to fire” makes everything about staffing your business simple, right? Not so fast! Obviously finding and retaining the best people for your company is important. It is also a serious challenge. Do you have a structured […]

The Art and Science of Invoicing for Claims

27 Mar
March 27, 2015

Episode 20 Featured Guest: Andrew McCabe – Claims Delegates (Eugene, OR) Episode Sponsor: Esporta Wash Systems Summary: Invoicing and documentation is a key component of a restoration contractor’s services. It often times separates the average companies from the elite. This week The Restoration Nation focuses on what we can do to improve our processes and […]

The Focus of the Successful Owner

04 Mar
March 4, 2015

Episode 19 Featured Guest: Chuck Violand – Violand Management (Canton, OH) Episode Sponsor: Esporta Wash Systems Summary: Owners and leaders beware! Your role is not easy. Take a moment to listen to industry consultant Chuck Violand share his thoughts as to what leaders should be focusing on. Chuck’s vast experience and insight can help you […]

A Glimpse into the World of Large Loss Restoration

25 Feb
February 25, 2015

Episode 18 Featured Guest: Jim Thompson – Jim Thompson & Co. (Dunnellon, FL) Episode Sponsor: Esporta Wash Systems Summary: Industry veteran and large loss expert Jim Thompson helps provide perspective on what really matters when it comes to executing large loss projects. Too many restoration contractors want to play in the big leagues but common […]

Why You Need A.I.R. for a Strong Company Culture

12 Feb
February 12, 2015

Episode 17 Featured Guest: Phillip Hatfield – Zig Ziglar Corporation (Plano, TX) Episode Sponsor: Esporta Wash Systems Summary: Featured guest and motivational speaker/author, Phillip Hatfield, shares his thoughts on company culture. Establishing a healthy culture starts with the mission. In addition you must incorporate the ingredients of AIR (Appreciation, Inspiration and Recognition). Be a contagious […]

Marketing Your Restoration Firm to Plumbers

28 Jan
January 28, 2015

Episode 16 Featured Guest: Ivan Turner – Show Me Marketing Solutions (Jefferson City, MO) Episode Sponsor: Esporta Wash Systems Summary: To pay referral fees or not to pay referral fees? That is the question. We all know that plumbers are a key target to market your restoration firm to. How you do this is another […]

Make E-mail Marketing Work for Your Business

21 Jan
January 21, 2015

Episode 15 Featured Guest: Joanne Randall – Leap Year Marketing (Concord, NH) Summary: The practice of e-mail marketing has mixed reviews. That is largely because many businesses execute it so poorly. Don’t let this be the case for your cleaning and restoration company. Joanne Randall of Leap Year Marketing helps businesses succeed with e-mail marketing […]

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