3 Reasons Why Industry Education is Important for Cleaning and Restoration Companies

13 Nov
November 13, 2014

Cleaning and restoration companies ask: “Why should I invest my resources (time and money) in industry education?” Is it to get certifications? Is it to stay ahead of the competition? Is it to keep up with industry trends? The answer is yes, yes, and yes. However, you should challenge yourself to look deeper than that. Below are three reasons why industry education is important for cleaning and restoration companies…

Commitment– A deliberate focus on education for your cleaning and restoration company shows your commitment to the industry, your staff, and yourself. The cleaning and restoration industry is constantly changing and evolving. Your company can either be committed to industry advancements or left behind to wonder what just happened. Prioritizing industry education also set a strong precedent for your staff. They will know that you, as a leader, are committed to the success of both the company and their personal careers. Industry education is important for owners as well. You are a leader in your company. Why would you not practice what you preach? If you focus on industry education, so will your team.

Competency– Let’s face a fact that there seems to be a widening gap between top and bottom tier companies in our industry. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Do you see it in your market? Perhaps you disagree, but this seems to be happening in many competitive markets. Industry education is important for cleaning and restoration companies because it raises competency levels. There are too many hacks out there. Don’t be one. Realize there is a learning curve in our industry. Do not take short cuts in the industry education process. Investing in industry education for your cleaning and restoration firm will drastically increase your team’s performance in the field. It will result in a better customer experience. Your clients will have confidence in your abilities and trust you to do things correctly.

Connection– Industry education is important for cleaning and restoration companies because it helps connect you to other committed and competent firms. If you have invested in industry education, you will realize that a bond is created with peer entrepreneurs going through the same educational process. Your competitive edge is reduced, while your collaborative juices start flowing. You build a mutual respect for industry peers. Many of you realize there is a lot more to be gained from helping each other than just cutting each other down. Connecting with other cleaning and restoration firm through industry education is extremely valuable. We network to gain new clients. Why would we not utilize industry education to network with industry peers?

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